1) Can I / Should I represent myself to save money?
While the law does allow for individuals to represent themselves in a legal matter including at trials, this is a decision that should be made carefully. Knowing the basis for your case, the applicable law, court or tribunals jurisdictions and the procedures to follow is not an easy task. Service requirements, evidentiary rules, deadline limitations, motions, trial preparations and judgement enforcement are among some of the cumbersome procedures to follow when brining a matter in either a Court or Tribunal. The emotional stress and time consuming aspect of trying to handle your own legal matter should also be taken into consideration. One could argue that by representing oneself one is saving money but I leave you with this question that I believe is worth asking: Could you really be costing yourself money this way?
2) How do I get started?
First give me a call and tell me about your matter, then I will determine how I can help. If I am able to help you with your matter, you will be requested to come and meet with me so we can discuss your goals and possible ways to achieve them. I will review all your relevant documents and asses your options. I will then decide what your next steps will be.
3) How much do you charge?

Legal matters are complex and vary in nature. Billing structures can also vary from an hourly to a fixed amount and even a contingency based billing system in which you don't pay until your matter is settled. In your initial consultation we will discuss together which fee and billing structure is appropriate and best suites the nature of your matter.
4) How long will it take to work through my matter?
Some matters can be solved with as little as a few letters while others require court filings, settlement conferences, trial and judgments which can take weeks, months and even years in some cases. While I cannot guarantee any timing for resolution of a given matter it is my goal to work expeditiously and efficiently on your case so that I do all that I can to help get you towards the resolution of your matter as quickly as the process and the other parties will permit.
5) Do you guarantee a successful outcome in my favor?

No legal professional including a Paralegal can guarantee any outcome of a given matter as legal matters are complex governed by many laws, legal tests and expectations. At BGM Legal Services I discuss the positive and negative outcomes of your matter so that you are more informed as to what you may expect and can make the best decisions along the way accordingly.