Why hire a Paralegal / Why hire Brenda Guardado at BGM Legal?

Very few people know their legal rights and obligations when confronted with a problem. There are always specific acts and regulations that apply to one’s problem, knowing which these are can be a daunting and stressful task.

Starting from how to know if one has a valid claim to knowing what to do next, how to do it and when can seem overwhelming. A paralegal can help by informing you of your options so that a resolution may be closer at hand. After actively listening to your matter I will offer you with a range of possibilities and different strategies to pursue your case, for instance I will assist you in telling you which court or tribunal has the ability to hear your matter and accordingly what steps are to be taken next.

Whether you are looking to evict your tenant or recover unpaid rent, the legal process involved in each of these matters can be overwhelming and stressful. By hiring BGM Legal Services you will have the certainty of knowing that somebody with the experience needed to look after your case is handling your matter for you.

Through an initial free brief consultation, I will try to understand the basics of your matter and will suggest possible remedy and / or next steps towards resolution. Some matters can be resolved in a reasonable amount of time while others can be more complex and have more unforeseen circumstances emerge. I will assess what your best next steps will be and explain some options so that you may make a more informed decision.